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The ZOE guild was built to provide shelter, information and assistance to and for new players in the game.
After approximately 7 months, 9 out of 10 of the remaining members had outgrown the help of the guild and moved on to bigger guilds.
Since then the guild has been just me, Karma_ZOE, taking a break from being 'da boss'..Grin.
Then I decided the break was over, and I restarted the guild. I must admit that I am honored and amazed at the amount of people interested in joining, as well as gratefull to the present dozen members who keep making this game fun to play! ZOE's second in command are Kakarot_ZOE and Dragoon_ZOE, who cover for me while i'm offline.

This page is meant to provide helpfull hints to faster and safer growth in the earlier stages of character build up to roughly experience level 18, skill level 15.
The idea behind it is, that when you as a player use these guidelines and grow up to that size, you will be ready to join most hunts and guilds will start considering you as a candidate.

The information is not meant for players entirely new to the game. Some basic knowledge is required to apply the hints to your characters.

All the hints and information provided are from personal experience. They are therefore no absolute truths. I can just say they have worked like a charm for me, over and over :)

Please ENJOY the game :)

Low level guide to drak

Medium level guide to drak

Intermediate level guide to drak

Advanced level guide to drak

A guide to basic drak vocabulary

Specific notes per class


Nork/Aleria/Frore lair info

Who to contact

Links to other drak pages

I hereby acknowledge that Kingdom of Drakkar(copyright) is a product of iENTERTAINMENT NETWORK 1999,2000
I do not intend or imply to challenge any copyright thereof, nor use any part for any purpose other than to provide information.
This disclaimer is equally valid for the new company that is taking over the game. When I know the company name, I will adjust this disclaimer.