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Welcome to my Kingdom of Drakkar information site

I have added some new data, and the maps have been added back into the system !!! Hope to get brewing in there soon, and also a map of GDH2
I have added a "FEW" items to the gdh section, namely: gdh misc items and a select few bdc items as I am not paying for UGH anymore and don't have access to my collection :(
I have changed hosting because suck, I have also changed domain name, the new domain name will be when it becomes active. will still point to here until the lease on it runs out. Because of this change you will no longer be able to access the old site, sorry.
Sorry about the down time, stupid host changed the linux servers over but forgot to install some key files. Good news I just finished a massive University coursework which should give me some time now to do some updates.
Welcome to the new site, some info might not be added and some of it might be bust, this is an alpha realease :P. To access the old site you can go here Please tell me what you think by emailing me here