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Drakkar : Best RPG on the net

I am making this page so people can get to know their SYSOPs better and maybe get to know whats going on in the game. Like what changes are being made and what to look forward to in the future. Also to know what people would like to see in the game. All information posted IS NOT set in stone for EVERYTHING is subject to change but at least you might get an idea. Thank you for your support.

******DRAK UPDATE*********

OK PPL here it is *sighs* they are still having problems with the server and stuff both in hardware and software *moon says as far as they can tell there is no damage to crits* Drakkar is down still, there are software and hardware problems with the move that are being worked on. Drakkar's database is fine however. QUOTE FROM MOONS MASS ICQ ******The forums are up however, so you can post if you want to. The news server name is Again, that is a news server NOT a web url. In netscape click edit, preferences, newsgroup servers then add it for IE you have to add through outlook express, I dont know the steps.******* She says they worked on the system late into the night last and night and will probably work on it late tonight. Please anyone who is ICQing MoonShadow with messages like," whens it going to be up" or,"Any news yet" please stop she has enough stuff going on without us bugging her every second. Im not a sysop and i cant tell you to stop but I ask you all as a Friend and Fellow player, Please let her be the less we bug her the faster she can get things done. She is ICQing me when she has a chance and i am posting them here as soon as i get the messages. So please be patient with her cause constantly messaging her wont help the situation at all. Thank You all for your support and concerns. If you really need to talk to her leave me a Message and i will contact her for you and Respond back to you as soon as i hear from her. TIME- 5PM central

update 2PM central Not much has changed really just that they have hopes to have it up sometime today, and they are having some software problems too. please dont message me i dont know what all the problems are sorry. to technical for me to understand it all much less be able to tell you what it all means.Now to all those who are asking WHY THE MOVE?? #1 - they are moving because after all the lay offs the office was way to big #2 - NO Randyo DIDNT buy Drakkar (I know we all have heard this rumor or were wishing he did but this isnt true) :-(

At 11:47 AM I recived a(n) ICQ from MoonShadow (for those that dont know who she is, She is one of the Head SYSOPS for drakkar)She informed me that Some parts of the System were damaged in the move. She asks that we all be patient and that they are working as fast as they can to get us all back into Drakkar. Please Check Back Regularly for as soon i get an ICQ from Moon I will post it for you all. Thank you :-)

Ok seems some people are freaking out cause of I.E. i put the def.axe can be found in the desert around Mujaba.NO this is not the only place. When I put where something is found, I am not saying this is the absolute,set in stone, no where under heaven, only place you can find it. I put it there cause that is where the item was found. This could be of use to other player wishing to get ahold of one. BUT I REPEAT when I list where something is at NO it may not be the only place it can be found. Thank you.

Unknown or Rare Items Area

Unknown Item unknown +s,or adds if any, anyone with Info please ICQ me at 38450681 (user name) Purgury

ok i got new info:Aspen's cloak functions as a sort of Reggie (quoted from Panserbjorn)

Def. axe (provided by Crusher/Wiseone)

Info:Def.Axe ok this axe in Particular was found in the desert, BUT it can be found in other places.

Easter Robe(provided by Crusher/Wiseone)

Info: The Great Easter Robe, Only found on easter, if you dont have it you're not gonna get it unless they have another Easter event.

Def. Hally

Info:Def.Hally this one was found in the desert.

mentioned by Bullseye a die hard searcher of aleria random and rare items

the Craymen defense hally can be found on any crayman in aleria and shows up on screen in their hand also can be found as random item treasure anyplace in Aleria

Koss Mace

Def. Sword (provided by Drunkmonk)

Obsidian Dagger

Silver Short Sword

Silver Short Sword pics provided by Bullyseye

Pally Gaunts

Provided By Bullyseye

Dread Sword

Provided By Bullseye

SeaHag Robe

provided by Bullseye

Hag Plate


Berovar Sword

The Provider Of This Sword Wishes To Remain Unnamed, Also I Will Provide NO INFO On This Weapon. What You See Is What You Get.

Nubrigol's ("Will You Help Me Get Vamps")Area

LadyDracmare__MIA & Purgury__MoY

All Kingdom of Drakkar information herein 1999,2000 iENTERTAINMENT NETWORK by virtue of the fact that they own the game.

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