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Page Created And Kept By The ASH Members.

     To those of you who are just surfing feel free to look at my site, it is about a game where you interactwith others and defeat feindish creatures.  This game is named Drakkar.  If you would like to try the game out for yourself you can download it at the Drakkar Website.  The game is free to play and own forever, new versions such as cobrahn and guild hall access still cost money but they are not essential to play the game.

     To those of you who are players of the game feel free to view the information on my page as freely as you like, i hope it helps you in your wanderings in the land of drakkar. If you cannot find what you need here consult the add at the botttom of the screen for the other ash pages.


All Drakkar Material and Images are copyright of iENTERTAINMENT NETWORK 1999, 2000