Brad Conference 05-20-2005 9:00 PM EST

Come in and chat about our addiction...
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Brad Conference 05-20-2005 9:00 PM EST

Post by Stormwind »

flisk: alright guys; here we go

pepma: i remember when i first got firelizard armor.. man was i awesome

Jimbo33: **brad**

Darge: really kung fu?

(Moderator): brad is the new guest speaker.

flisk: Thank you all for turning out tonight!

flisk: If you have specific questions or suggestions please PM them to me instead of using the !my question is command

flisk: thanks! without further wait; brad, it's all yours!

brad: Thanks guys

brad: first of all, welcome, and let me run down the questions that were pre submitted in the forums

brad: this way we can get a lot of the required stuff off the table

brad: astra asks:

brad: How long till Nameless Land will be 'properly' released?

brad: I'm finishing the final encounter, then will be cleaning up some of the broken discs. Then i think i'll tag it for release, not sure what billing options will be available yet, as thats a coding issue

brad: estimated.. 1 or 2 months

brad: Where do you see Drakkar heading after you have finished nameless (new scenario, work on old etc)?

brad: I'd like to clean up some outstanding bugs personally, and have someone working on a new scenario for me

brad: also would like to add some small encounters to some of the early areas, and add some more fun things for people to do character development wise

brad: (I'll answer more specific questions on this as they are asked 'live' )

brad: Astra: Why do you think so many people have left the game recently?

brad: People play where they are having fun. People who dont have fun, leave if there is some place to have fun, to go to. Thats happened alot here ( and other rpgs ).

brad: I had a lot of development problems with NL, which frustrated high end players, and the lower end players got frustrated because I didnt spend any time on their issues.. Then, along comes a couple really fun online games, and bam.

brad: Astra: Are you going to do anything to try and draw them back?

brad: of course, but, when people are having fun somewhere, they tend to stay till they arent having fun anymore, so its a long slow process. We have gone through it 4 times in the 17+ year history of drakkar

brad: we will be looking to expand out character development some ( give more to do but skill and exp ), come up with some novel scenario ideas ( other than killing crits, etc )

brad: I think you may even get to see how evil flisk is, he has offered to expand out aleria some ( which needs to fun stuff put in )

brad: max asks: will you ever makt it where solo skill isnt alot less then group?

brad: wow, this is tough. People who like to solo dont like parties getting more, people who like to party dont like solos getting more

brad: physically, 2 people can kill faster than 1, so somehow gimping party play is just that, a gimp

brad: when drakkar came from iEN, people complained about partying, so i made it so up to 6 fight without penalty, maybe that was too much.. maybe it should be 2 or 3, but we can debate that some tonight ( or in the forums )

brad: ZZap: .. players killing too fast pre 30 in nameless ..

brad: Huge issue, my fault 100%, i made nameless for 30th+ exp gain, but failed to see the impact the party changes would have on pre 30 skill gain. I was going to have a level requirement, but didnt,so it all snowballed

brad: some great suggestions have come across regarding limiting skill gain pre 30, or just not giving the NL bonus, so cobrahn stays the rich character development ground it should be. I kind of like that. THe formulas needed for 30+ skill gain really blow

brad: away pre 30

brad: sharp asks: ( a couple things covered ), and "Why Mouse Pads"

brad: i love them, the are nice to have, fun to give away, and give you something to talk about. I had more fun with my mailing then all the ones ive sold

brad: also got a chance to show of fred rugar's skills as an artist

brad: max asks: ( cobrahn skill ), see above, i like cobrahn as the "character development" scenario where you learn to play your character in the tough encounters

brad: Freddie: Why have the chat pay only

brad: Thanks freddie, for pointing that out, we changed it

brad: beasticles: old FE phased out

brad: dont have any plans to. Honestly, if i could compile it, i'd still keep it updated, but its in watcom C, and i dont have the compiler

brad: I think thats all the presubmits

brad: Ready for your questions, and most importantly your cool ideas

flisk: k, Oldschool has some questions so I will give him the floor:

(Moderator): oldschool now has the floor.

oldschool: Q1 IS the mosoleum quest aka palidans quest active in nork. do you plan on expanding class specific quests as well.?

oldschool: do you want all my questions before answering the,?

brad: i love class specific quests, thats why I want to get more character development options in

flisk: no, give him a chance to answer the first one

brad: What you call the "mosoleum" quest, is a topic of legend, i'm not going to rehash it

brad: i guess i need to type GA

brad: haha

brad: GA

oldschool: q2 - have you thought about implementing a players reward program. monthly or yearly. Could be in the way of a Fate card taht gives a random possitive affect that you get once a month, qtr or year.

brad: thats what the gold hps plan , skill gain, etc. Been around for a while old school. Additional abilities for loyalty? I dunno, maybe for everyone (IE any subscription), but not really more for the other plans

brad: GA

oldschool: Q3- have you considered implimenting a Uber Quest per class to find a unique artifact type weapon that may span over all the modules persay.

brad: its a cool thing, pax did a bit of that, i dont know if id tie it to an item though, since items are grown out of. Something else like an ability, or character change/development may be more long lasting and rewarding

brad: GA

oldschool: q4- anychance that the old artifacts like broom, guardian ring, hole, one ring etc will find there way back into the game

flisk: Let's try to limit it to 2 questions each guys, so others can ask as well.

brad: broom: It crashes the game. haha

brad: ( piles get too big ), maybe though

brad: guardian ring: errrrr doesnt fit with new disc system, probably not

brad: hole: maybe in a diff encarnation, as a true container

brad: GA

flisk: FTL Chester has a question

(Moderator): FTLChester now has the floor.

FTLChester: my question is ... is there a change that Drakkar will ever be in some kinda 3D?

FTLChester: chance*

brad: Well, yes and no. I may license an engine to do it, and have someone do it, but i have an enormous conflict of interest with online gaming in general

brad: it would have to be a small operation like we have now, small tight community, couldnt do anything store shelf or major with it unless some things change

brad: GA

flisk: Wolverine2 has a question

(Moderator): Wolverine2 now has the floor.

Wolverine2: why not have all the classes be one class?

brad: Thats not drakkar, whole game system is based on classes, seperations, people working together. I have no problem with classless systems, or maybe a scenario where you all start as a single class, but the core of drakkar is a class based development syst

brad: i am thinking through a fun land grab/guild war scenario where I may start everyone as a unique class and have them develop as needed, but i dont see that translating into the game

brad: GA

flisk: xkhadafix has a question

(Moderator): xkhadafix now has the floor.

flisk: in case he is AFK he asks: what will be the hightest exp/skill ever?

brad: Probably nothing, as you can probably remember, drakkar never had a level cap till we found out it would break the system to go over about level 34 was it? haha. I like the open ended nature of a growing system. In the future, i'll limit scenarios based

brad: on level more, to prevent some problems i had with NL

brad: GA

flisk: kiri128 has a question

(Moderator): Kiri128 now has the floor.

Kiri128: is there any way to either re-locate peewee for muzi quest, either a portal there, or a new location. small psi users don't have the hp/ep to survive the run thru km2 as it is with no ep regen.since uzi is lvl restricted, it stalls out psi user progressio

brad: Hmm, i'm definetly interested in fixing any shortfall there, but wasnt aware there was a problem with location of the questor. Can we post this and get some player feedback? Thats a randy addition, and ive never seen a lack of muzis

brad: GA

flisk: WabbitMonster has a question

(Moderator): WabbitMonster now has the floor.

WabbitMonster: what about game nodes, i have been getting them quite a bit lately, i have to delete the drakkar.prm file at least 10 times a week, sometimes 4 times within 20 mins time when i switch crits.

brad: wabbit, what do you mean by a node? you get disconnected, or you crash?

WabbitMonster: ok, i am on one crit and change to another crit to pick up a item or pot when i go to the next crit the game closes and it will not start up till i delete that file and then have to reset all my prefrences again.

brad: yeah, thats a crash, you may be a good test case for me to get some info from, some installations have that problem

brad: If your running the latest drakkar.exe ( feb something, i forget ), next time that happens, would you mail me the drakkar.prm please?

brad: id like to find out what is corrupted

brad: GA

flisk: Bruin has a question

WabbitMonster: oh ok, anytime you need me just holler, and thanks this dz is q&a is great.

(Moderator): Bruin now has the floor.

Bruin: Im going to build your business

brad: well thank you

brad: GA ( smile )

Bruin: why land where guilds compete

Bruin: for teritorriy

Bruin: by getting rares

Bruin: what you have is good

flisk: Bruin please PM me with a formed question and we will try to add it in line

flisk: Nouse4aname has a question

(Moderator): nouse4aname now has the floor.

brad: um, okay. Tell ya what, the idea is still infant, i'd like to move it to the forums to discuss

nouse4aname: is there any way that there will be skill requires on weaponds instead of lvl require?

brad: hmm, i dont have a way to do it at the MOMENT, but ya know, i really like the idea nouse

brad: im not sure why it never occurred to me

brad: GA

flisk: A couple of the System questions asked:

flisk: (Zhouyu) Asks !My question is Will hits remain as expensive as before?

brad: Don't see why we would change that, its a definite aspect of the game that has endured for years

(Moderator): Zhouyu now has the floor.

Zhouyu: Will there ever be a PvP area?

brad: If there is enough demand for it, sure

brad: GA

flisk: unicornlady has a question

(Moderator): UnicornLady now has the floor.

flisk: if UL is afk here is the question:

flisk: (UnicornLady) Asks !my question is are you strengthening the creatures in cob and other places or lowering abilities .. seems to me that there are places i could go that now i cannot?

UnicornLady: it seems to me that some of the monsters have gotten stronger.. is this true

brad: havent changed a thing in cobrahn in ages

brad: literally, pax was right in the middle of something when he had to bow out, so not up to where i could change it

brad: ive made some brain fixes to questors, thats about it

brad: GA

UnicornLady: one last question.. why can you take nl into nork and not cob.

UnicornLady: cob into nork...

brad: Good question, Cob is very, very different, i cant even go into how different. Its a scenario from a different age

brad: items were designed on top of spaces used by other items in other scenarios

brad: Its always ( most likely ) going to stay seperated .

brad: GA

flisk: Crusher has a question

(Moderator): Crusher now has the floor.

Crusher: will cob be changed to compensate with nl or nl changed to compesate with cob? you said you might change nl for that

Crusher: Crusher: will it be possible to have a rollback system, where instead of rerolling, you reset your character and have a bonus on somethings

brad: I think the proper thing to do, is fix the problem with skill gain in NL, that applies all the post 30 bonuses across the board

Crusher: ack, sorry, hit enter while revising something

brad: I dont think NL should be used to bypass the learning process of cob, etc. no, i'm entertaining some good ideas there.

brad: Some will seem draconian, but then again, it was all inflated anyway

brad: on the second question.. isnt that what a reroll is?

Crusher: my last question was, will it be possible to have a rollback on level 70's where when you hit levle 70 there's aquest to start your character again but have some benefits

brad: hmm, well, im not sure i follow the whole idea, but if your talking about "uber classes", its a neat idea, and im open to suggestions on it

brad: IE get to 70, then "become" something else and start again, that you could only get at 70

brad: i think opening new abilities may be a better way though, or new lands only accessible to them, or restart in new lands only accessible to them, etc

brad: GA

flisk: Darge has a question

(Moderator): Darge now has the floor.

Darge: My question is are you planning on doing anything with cob to make it so that hardcore gamers find more of a use for it other than dion stats and the ep and hp docs, assuming said players dont go there simply to enjoy cob?

Darge: possibly a lvl req on nameless?

brad: darge, i think adjusting NL for pre 30 gain is the best solution

Darge: well on that same line

brad: cob is fun on its own, its just overshadowed by the easy gain in NL

Darge: what about a larger player who wishes to skill a secondary

brad: thats a good question, something i need ideas on

Darge: alright

Darge: and my 2nd

brad: GA

Darge: 2nd question, there is little in the way of class specific gear in nork, but a good portion more of it in cob, any plans to add more to nork, could help define the look of a class more if anything

Darge: seeing as nork has only 1 or 2 peices of class gear per

brad: hmmm, i dont object to it, it does kind of twist nork's flavor a bit

brad: if some great idea came up, id probably be for it

brad: as long as it didnt overshadow existing items

brad: GA

Darge: alright thx

flisk: fin has a question

(Moderator): Fin now has the floor.

Fin: are you gonna decrease the potency of some of the tiers when nameless goes live to balance the affect on other scenarios?

brad: well, i hate penalizing people for getting big, dont you?

brad: drakkar has always been a game where you can get big and just go wack something that used to kill you when you were small

brad: i prefer rethinking content for low ends so they dont compete with each other

brad: GA

flisk: Sirlancesteel has a question

Fin: Have you considered selling a full color book, like a strategy guide giving info on weaps and items

flisk: (sorry)

Fin: lol

brad: not really in the scale of drakkar fin, we are a small operation, books are for shelf space games

brad: We actually had a manual at one point. haha

brad: and a hint book in the works, but that was when we were part of a large company

brad: GA

Fin: I'll buy it, get on it, thanks

flisk: sirlancesteel has a question

(Moderator): SirlanceSTEEL now has the floor.

SirlanceSTEEL: Q - a Suggestion more then a question. What would the possibility of getting a group rate for Guild hall access be? IE, one crit at the 7.50 for upper, 2 crits at 10.00 for upper, and 15.00 for upper GH for a whole account.

brad: I have never really objected to that, but my billing system is VERY primitive. I'd have to do some combo thing where it was gold+this+that as one plan, remember the billing system was written in 3 weeks, because iEN told me they were shutting

brad: off their servers ( smile )

brad: GA

flisk: whifire has a question

(Moderator): whifire now has the floor.

whifire: are there going to be any megalairs anytime soon, im asking this becuase u said about points to get new discs and such

whifire: and that is the best way to do it i think

brad: megalairs could come at any time, we are due for a good one. I am not sure what the second question means

brad: GA

whifire: was part of the 1st, in ur journal u said osmething about new abilities

whifire: for points or something like that

brad: oooh

brad: oooh okay, yeah. I definetly like a quirk or event based "buy new abilities" type of thing

brad: i had some players email me some great per class stuff, need to dust that off

brad: made some code changes recently that makes that more possible

brad: GA

whifire: and 2nd question - have you ever thought about maybe making it where people can change the color of their like robes or such so not everyone looks the same

whifire: like instead of lich robe being red u can change it to what i would like, black =-p

brad: not really possible in the current graphics engine whifire, we would have to have had "reserved colors" from the start

brad: GA

flisk: whirly has a question

(Moderator): whirly now has the floor.

whirly: I know that you get skill bonuses and that for having ugh do you plan on doing anything else past 12 months gold?

flisk: whirly may be AFK but the question was similar to Whifire's are there future plans for mega lairs?

flisk: bah, you guys keep tricking me haha

whirly: lol

brad: I'm open for ideas, post em! It was just coded to be a reasonable limit

brad: GA

flisk: wynd has a question

(Moderator): Wynd now has the floor.

Wynd: How about replacing Merkon + attack ring, and similar rings in Mormar, with an amulet with same or similar stats, thanks. Also, MA claws dont work in Cob, unless that just my crit, whereas I think other classes are similarly nerfed?

Wynd: arent similarly nerfed in Cob, I meant.

brad: Um, not sure about "replacing items", but more amulets are good, i know its an underutilized slot

Wynd: P.S. Thanks for your time

Wynd: ok, mostly saying that ring isnt useful

brad: NL effects just arent programmed evenly among the non NL servers, i really wont be updating them till NL goes live

Wynd: and if you could change it to an amulet easily, would be useful

brad: its just too much of a pain, nothing is intentional

brad: okay wynd, i'll take a look at that, its similar to other suggestions

brad: GA

flisk: Necron99 is afk but asks: Lately there has been a lot of discussion concerning lack of community. Have you considered "live" conferences where the players could gather and celebrate (for instance) new scenario releases etc?..

(Moderator): Necron99 now has the floor.

brad: if by live you mean in person? I'm not sure the community is large enough for that yet. We used to have them at mpgn, and would get a max of 10 or 20 people out of several thousand active players

brad: GA

flisk: (Digitor) Asks !my question is How about a Portal Thing. Everyone time 1 person Goes into a Lair or Area, It is created so that its Only there for THEM, Depending on there level the diffucultie is changed, IF in a party You Would make it a average.

brad: drakkar really doesnt have a concept of "instancing", there is nothing programmed for it. I've mulled it over a bit recently though, thanks

brad: GA

flisk: Pieterpost has a question

(Moderator): PieterPost now has the floor.

PieterPost: I'd like to know how it's possible that some major and long since known issues with NL, especially in reference to the huge skill and xp gains, have taken so long to acknowledge, let alone fix

brad: um, "how is it possible", well, i guess cause im human and make mistakes? haha.

brad: GA

PieterPost: secondly, I'd like to know what you see happening to more or less obsolete discs, such as elance, cure disease and stone to flesh

brad: Well, dont plan on doing anything with old versions of discs, thats just part of the leveling process ( who uses MEND after all ), but cure disease and stone to flesh can always be used for new scenarios

brad: we havent done a lot of stoning and diseasing however, for no other reason than it didnt brim up as an idea

brad: GA

flisk: atrimble2001 has a question

(Moderator): atrimble2001 now has the floor.

atrimble2001: Will Drakkar ever go 32 bit? Seeing as how the jump to 24 bit was made and most people use it. I think there would definitly be a demand for it.

brad: nah, it doesnt buy you much visually, i'm hardly taking advantage of the 24 bit palette anyway

brad: GA

atrimble2001: 2nd question: Will voice support ever be added to the lobby?

brad: there are too many public domain ( good ones ) voice servers to put that in. There are some REAL nice ones out there with free hosting

brad: GA

flisk: cyclone has a question

atrimble2001: Thank you for your time.

(Moderator): cyclone now has the floor.

flisk: RSKER has a question

cyclone: my question is atm when someone recieves/removes a guild tag they either have to rename the file or reset the macro is there a way to prevent this from happening other than not gettint the tag

brad: not currently, no cyclone, its an old system of file naming i havent revisited.

brad: GA

flisk: RSKER has a question

(Moderator): RSKER now has the floor.

RSKER: How about powerwording more discs for healers at high skill levels, prots would be especially handy

brad: well, wouldnt really be powerwording, but group or "all friendly" versions are neat. I dont object to those, will definetly see more of them

brad: GA

RSKER: Following up on your response to Crushers idea, perhaps allow post 70 char's mix and match IE healer can learn ment or pally discs etc

brad: okay

brad: GA

RSKER: Following up on your response to Crushers idea, perhaps allow post 70 char's mix and match IE healer can learn ment or pally discs etc

brad: 10 goto 10

brad: ( smile ) sorry

brad: most likely need to open a chat topic on that, tough to hash out here

brad: GA

flisk: papabear has a question

(Moderator): Papabear now has the floor.

Papabear: was it you on soyer last week and why were you pking and do i get a prize for stopping you <EG>

brad: no but mama and baby bear wanna know where their soup is

brad: ( smile )

flisk: bullhead71ss has a question

(Moderator): bullhead71ss now has the floor.

bullhead71ss: 1st question is have you ever thought about bring alt3 back and if so what are those thoughts?

brad: no need for it, not enough demand in alt2

brad: GA

bullhead71ss: 2nd question is drak now fully sp2 compatible? or are there still problems?

brad: i run sp2 on everything, havent had any problems

brad: i know sp2 is firewall tricky, just make sure you dont tell it to keep blocking the first time the box pops up

bullhead71ss: ok cause i remember when it first came out there were problems

bullhead71ss: ty

brad: GA

flisk: stormie has a question

(Moderator): Stormie now has the floor.

Stormie: will there ever be a time that you will split an account for like husbands and wives that share the account

brad: split how?

brad: husbands and wives can actually share accounts now

Stormie: like transfer one crit to another account

brad: there may be such a day, but its not trivial, drakkar is old school, embeds a lot of account information into the actual character

brad: not really something i can do right now

brad: GA

flisk: pepma has a question

(Moderator): pepma now has the floor.

pepma: As it currently is NL lich (the grey one), is currentlye easier then merkon, and drops better robes, Will the risk versus reward ever ben fixed or adjusted on the robes?

brad: hmm

brad: let me think about that

brad: GA

pepma: Also, Will Majorpool ever be adjusted so that post 50 hits are used by it?

flisk: tirith has a question

flisk: tricked me again

brad: all the old focus, chi, etc, are like old discipliens of mentalist and healers, they taper off with effectiveness, replaced by better things and concepts. So no

brad: GA

flisk: tirith has a question

(Moderator): tirith now has the floor.

tirith: An idea brought up in forums before, have HP regen amulets, similar to uzi for ep regen so sticks have an amulet worth wearing, your thoughts?

brad: ya know, i asked people about that, and they didnt think HP regen would be worth it

brad: i'd like to come up with some good amulets though for tanks

brad: GA

flisk: stench has a question

(Moderator): stench now has the floor.

stench: i have a question (have you ever thought of making persay places to gamble for coin without persay the effects of fate kinda an alternate to coining all the time or perhalps games within the game like spear toss for specials item, or skill games such as s

stench: word arena with just basic weapons

brad: if i got the impression there was a good demand for it, but we had it in briefly in the past, and it wasnt real popular

brad: ( the gambling aspect )

brad: im all for additional ways to improve the character other than skilling/exping though

brad: GA

flisk: slannesh has a question

(Moderator): Slannesh now has the floor.

Slannesh: my question is more of an idea... Once you do the Majorin quest, there is no need to ever return there. Seems like unused space. What if you implemented a monthly change to the reward, either stat pat, or a special one time gear item.

Slannesh: Gives players a questable area outside lvl/skilling with something worthi it in the end.

brad: okay, thanks

flisk: Digitor has a question

(Moderator): Digitor now has the floor.

Digitor: Brad, When will Cob start to being Fixed , Eg Adding new items. Ect, To make it better than it is. NL people can come wack it down. but whats the point.

Digitor: I play This game For Fun, But Hardly anymore is it fun.. new things need to be put in..when can we exepect them

Digitor: Besides NL

brad: im not sure anything is "broken" about cobrahn, its a 10 + year old scenario that people have advanced through, and has had a lot of areas added to it, if you have specific ideas of what youd like to see there,

brad: post them.

brad: GA

flisk: a couple of generic questions:

Digitor: Fixed as in

Digitor: make it better

flisk: !my question is are you planning on fixxing the PM to not pop-up as the active screen? There has been many of times when I want to get pm's but don't like the pop-up.

(Moderator): now has the floor.

brad: i didnt write the chat room, so i cant say that would be something i could do quickly, but i have the same problem ( smile )

brad: i think if i get some time on it, sure

brad: GA

flisk: !my question is Will there ever be any kind of PVP in the game. Maybe a whole senario people could goto to fight each other?

brad: as i said earlier, if there is demand for it, sure. Its a resource issue. I think there are better areas to put development time into

brad: GA

flisk: Q - a Suggestion more then a question. What would the possibility of getting a group rate for Guild hall access be? IE, one crit at the 7.50 for upper, 2 crits at 10.00 for upper, and 15.00 for upper GH for a whole account.

brad: we answered that

brad: whose questions are these ( smile )

flisk: !My question is Will there ever be shirts, underwear, posters, or whatever for Drak classes? What about F/M mousepads?

flisk: sorry, i'm not having much of a time to look at the questions themselves; just dodging PMs heh

brad: if we can justify the expense, sure. F/M mousepads, probably not in the near future, the artwork is expensive

brad: GA

flisk: !my q is will the cob pass seller ever be fixed

brad: Can i get more detail on what is meant by that?

flisk: not at this time, PM whoever asked that, we will squeeze you in

flisk: xkungfumasterx has a question

(Moderator): xkungfumasterx now has the floor.

xkungfumasterx: ! my question is : hey brad have u tohught about moveing nl portal to cob an have it lvl req?

brad: yeah, i may do that for NEW subscribers, dont want to do it for old ones

brad: people who paid already, thats not fair

brad: GA

flisk: jimbob has a question

(Moderator): Jimbob now has the floor.

Jimbob: Is it at all possible that we might see a more user friendly Fe with possible brightness settings?

brad: always looking to improve the FE, so will always be improvements there. Not sure what you mean by brightness, thats on the monitor

brad: GA

flisk: blondie79 has a question

Jimbob: well

(Moderator): blondie79 now has the floor.

blondie79: a question/suggestion: Would it be possible to implement something/someplace where we could test out damage rather than it being on other players ?

brad: no way! Come on guys! haha the mystery and experimentation is drakkar!

brad: armor value, weapon damage, where is the fun in some statistical read out ( smile )

brad: GA

flisk: gah

blondie79: Will there ever be better places in NL to coin so high end players dont have to rush to cob to coin?

brad: definetly blondie

flisk: guys, PM me your questions again, my power flickered and I got disconnected

blondie79: ty

flisk: cyclone has a question

(Moderator): cyclone now has the floor.

cyclone: in response to teh cob pass seller

cyclone: when someoen hits 18 they get cob but cant buy the pass to cob

cyclone: !my question is cob pass seller if a lvl 18 gets to cob and gets eaten dropping him/her to lvl 17 they cant buy a pass to get back to cob but you cant buy a pass once you hit 18

cyclone: will that be fixed

brad: sec, the pass seller IN cobrahn?

cyclone: yup

brad: hmm

brad: i'll have to think up something on that, its a good issue though, thanks

cyclone: i mean the guy doesnt make sense

flisk: slannesh has a question

cyclone: have to be 18 to get to cob but hes located in cob

(Moderator): Slannesh now has the floor.

Slannesh: My question is, you can sit down in timmy for a few hours and get a dozen str rocks, but can spend weeks in desert and never see a brass the lack of brass rings intentional? I hear alot of people complain about this

brad: I can't speak to "intentional", but i know some pieces were designed to be rarer than others ( i actually didnt work on that quest ). Its a domino effect any changes you make there. Rarety versus availability.

brad: GA

flisk: (PENGUINSareNEAT) Asks !my question is, y is it sometimes when i log into the game if i dont move my crit right away it kicks me off back into the lobby

brad: hmm

brad: will need to get more feedback there, i dont experience it, can they email help with machine details?

brad: GA

flisk: (crazymonkeyman2) Asks !is there any way that there will be a new area for new players

brad: um, everything is a new area for new players

flisk: wabbitmonster has a question

brad: if youare asking if there will be new areas, sure yes there wil be

(Moderator): WabbitMonster now has the floor.

WabbitMonster: i have another question. about maybe having a .bmp file that can be downloaded to fit as wallpaper like the artwork on the mousepads but would like to have a wallpaper that is sized correctly to fit the size i use for the game.

brad: im not really talented in that area, but if someone wants to volunteer to submit something, im all for it

brad: GA

flisk: jimbo33 has a question

(Moderator): Jimbo33 now has the floor.

Jimbo33: My question is, by chance are we going to see more power wepons in the future? Mabie a hally for barbs and a staff for healers ect.

Jimbo33: or is there a reason for just 4

brad: not from the original storyline, no. But perhaps the players excursions into the laboratory they were developed in could trigger new weapons

brad: GA

flisk: (crazymonkeyman2) Asks ! ok well is there any chance that there will be a new area that free player can exprience out side of nork with out paying

brad: very little chance, no. I need to concentrate on supporters of the game

brad: GA

flisk: nijal has a question

(Moderator): nijal now has the floor.

nijal: Q- Are limitted wishes still a possibility when fating. if they are not any chance of re emplimenting it?

nijal: Fating being a drastic good or bad change to your char can we open a forum of other possible results when fating?

brad: they have been removed, most likely wont be back in.

brad: if someone has fresh ideas on what to do when fating, post em, i'll look into them

brad: GA

flisk: (bertster) Asks !my question macro icons for chi/foci?

brad: you mean pictures for them? Yeah the old pictures are a very limited subset, i am waiting till i get a real big list to bug my artist about. Hes been busy on another mmrpg so his contract work time is limited

brad: GA

flisk: crazymonkeyman2 has a question

(Moderator): crazymonkeyman2 now has the floor.

crazymonkeyman2: !after being a long time player i have found out to get things you have to be big but why was there such a big urge to get llvl reguirements on things

crazymonkeyman2: ! such as the weapins and gear

brad: for the longest time, the drakkar community cultivated newer players carefully , but young players were coming in, going to places, and never learning the game. THis creates a frustrated high level character with little or no knowledge of how to play

brad: their character.

brad: The level requirements puts everyone back into where they can learn the game AS they are growing

brad: GA

flisk: (shadowspawn) Asks !My question is "brad: havent changed a thing in cobrahn in ages" The Darkness added to the jungle,Upper Keep, SW caves, is all new to me in last 6 months. UD crits are much tuffer. UD 3.5 Zoo has changed. Why was all this done?

(Moderator): now has the floor.

brad: im not sure what the "darkness added to the jungle" is, but no, havent changed anything with cobrahn ( as i stated earlier )

brad: if someone wants to email me on that maybe thats a terrain bug

flisk: killbuss has a question

(Moderator): KILLERBUZZ now has the floor.

KILLERBUZZ: ! if your crit sex/race is changed by fating will there be away to change crit back (that

brad: Well, if there was, it couldnt be too easy to do, could it? I think thats a special effect of fating

brad: however if someone were to post something creative, who knows

brad: GA

flisk: bullseye has a question

(Moderator): Bullseye now has the floor.

Bullseye: Question #1

Bullseye: Is it possible any longer, or is there ever going to be a return of the web based "web scry" we used to have that showed players, size, health, score, and world server?

brad: ive gotten really mixed feedback on that bullseye, so i havent pursued it very hard.

brad: I guess if there is truely a unified desire for it, sure

brad: GA

Bullseye: Question #2

Bullseye: Do you still plan to fix the titan bone weapons so they can glow by adding a quest in Mormar ?

brad: thats 2 questions. Yes to the first

brad: not sure i'm going to say how though ( smile )

brad: GA

Bullseye: thank you

flisk: (bertster) Asks !my question tiers get icons at same time as chi/foci? Also, does this require coding changes or could the drak community help with the graphics?

brad: Nah, no code changes that i can think of, yes community could help

brad: i may post the buttons page, and we could make a left to right top to bottom list people could submit

brad: GA

flisk: (SirExellciuse) Asks ! I just have a quick sugestion... we should be able to be in two channels at once... like if you were on your guilds channel you could also be in lobby... but they would be seperated by color or something?

brad: hmmmm

brad: not possible coding wise at the moment, but i dont object to it

brad: GA

flisk: lee has a question

(Moderator): Lee now has the floor.

Lee: would it be possible to have hosted events other than the seasonal ones, perhaps on a monthly basis?

brad: its developmentally a lot of manpower lee, there is actually an event for every month, just not all of them are worth turning on

brad: anymore ( or event work ). Yes, we want more sysop events, and we want more rewards they can give out

brad: ( hence my topic of new character development things )

brad: GA

flisk: darge has a question

(Moderator): Darge now has the floor.

Darge: You mentioned earlier that old foci/chi are being phased out

Darge: so

Darge: will new paladin attacks be added other than the currently 1 existing paladin attack teir

Darge: or will sheilds and barriers remain primary?

brad: Did i say phased out? i meant to infer more of "replaced"

brad: and yes, hey, post some ideas on that one

Darge: alright thx

brad: GA

flisk: whirly has a question

(Moderator): whirly now has the floor.

whirly: can there be something impletmented into the game to tell the difference between guildhall zaps and regular zaps you find and also yps so you don't get them confused if you dp

brad: welllll

brad: i dunno, potion management is part of the game

brad: now.. if they are PURCHASED ones, im all for it

brad: but found ones.. thats different

brad: GA

whirly: cause currently they all have the same description when you click on them

flisk: emart71 has a question

(Moderator): emart71 now has the floor.

emart71: back to NL if u all make these changes to NL requirments, will u be rolling back gains we have already gotten if we're under lvl

brad: nope

brad: GA

flisk: lokitakey has a question

(Moderator): Lokitiakey now has the floor.

Lokitiakey: you stated earlier

Lokitiakey: there where no changes to cobrian

Lokitiakey: when in fact darkness was added to skeleton leaders, and ud3.5 outer ring was changed

Lokitiakey: ud5 was over heavily beefed up

Lokitiakey: those are not changes?

brad: lok, unless those changes are an indirect effect of a coding bug fixed, they arent anything intentional, i just dont mess with cobrahn

brad: in the course of writing nameless, ive fixed some bugs which caused things not to get stuff they were supposed to get, so perhaps it affected something over there

brad: but as i said, i havent made any scenario changes

Lokitiakey: then who did it

Lokitiakey: because there are obvious serious changes

brad: any chances you are experiencing are most likely an effect of something that was bugged, and fixed because of a change elsewhere then

flisk: unicornlady has a question

(Moderator): UnicornLady now has the floor.

flisk: zero has a question

flisk: test

UnicornLady: sorry asked a few dont know what each waas..

UnicornLady: go ahead now.

(Moderator): now has the floor.

(Moderator): flisk is now the moderator.

flisk: (nijal) Asks !my question is: is it possible to empliment duel weapon fighting

brad: no comment ( smile )

brad: GA

flisk: (crazymonkeyman2) Asks ! is there really a slith pot that randomly gives a plus 1 tro any stat

brad: If there was, you would need to talk to the community about that, we dont give out game stats like that

brad: GA

brad: thanks guys, we are taking it non formal

brad: its been great

flisk: k, guys, we are about to drop the Formal chat and open it up to total chaos

brad: appreciate your patience, and i hope this format worked for everyone

flisk: brad, any last words before I wrap it up?

brad: I just want to appreciate the feedback, i have a good list here to work from. Feel free as always to hash out ideas in the forums, little quests you want made, etc. I get my ideas from the forums!

(Moderator): Channel is no longer formal.

Crusher: PAx did the cob changes

flisk: and there ya go!

Darge: yeah

UnicornLady: <~ needs more locker space for shoes and i think we need to do this more often....

brad: woo hoo

Lokitiakey: no they wherent changes it was bugged hahahha what a joke

WabbitMonster: how bout once a month dz chat

whifire: brad, will we ever beable to use the websites to look at who is in the alts again

SirExellciuse: back to lobby gonna all still talk here?

Crusher: will there be a locker for all crits on an accnt

UnicornLady: well then... chase that creature down.

Darge: yes definetely need to do this more often brad

pepma: brad said he didn't work on cob, if you paid attention lokitiakey you'd know

Crusher: changes to the ugh need to be done :P

SirExellciuse: YES

Crusher: selling 25k 3birds :P

stench: i think you did a fantastic job and are following it well ty for you time

pepma: read the forums sometime, they explain all about the ud3.5 changes, as skeleton leader changes

brad: thanks guys, this really seemed to work more than the chaos

Darge: viva la drakkar

SirExellciuse: we should be able to hit like ctrl _ to change from a hex weapon with range

SiLeNcEdSoUl: im still want to know what GA ment :P

flisk: from YOUR end brad haha

pepma: go ahead

Crusher: lol

Hommiem: hey, if brad or flisk is their any way to temporaily post these q's and a's on drak website or soemthing?

SirRichard: brad when are you going to take personal checks to pay for accounts

Crusher: flisk got like 90 questions from me

Crusher: :P

WabbitMonster: and i want to thank everyone for their questions they were great too very informative.

UnicornLady: go ahead.. = ga

Brenem: heh

flisk: we will Hom, I need to format them first

wildone6975: GA= Go Again

Bashem: hello all

brad: sirrichard, its tough, costs me $10.00 on a bounced $5.00 check

Crusher: ill post the unedited version

flisk: thanks crusher that will work

SiLeNcEdSoUl: lol that was one of the Queastons i sent to motoertor

WabbitMonster: stop bouncing checks brad. :P

Hommiem: but your planning to then

Crusher: gonna have my game open till brad leaves

brad: well, if i can find a way where *I* dont get charged for bounced checks, sure

Crusher: and everyone stop talking

whifire: brad, about the seeing who is in what alt?

whifire: will that ever come back

whifire: and seeing what everyones score is

Bashem: i have a question, i was told this is whare you whare you could shoot ideas off to brad is that true?

Brenem: yes

nijal: vericheck brad they debit direvctly from peopels acct

Crusher: yes, started 2 hours ago

Slannesh: brad, about my question/idea about majorin, would it be possible or is it hard coded and not possible?

Crusher: ended 3 mins ago

brad: nijal , for $2.00 a transaction

SirRichard: if they charge you for bounced checks instead of the person who wrote them you need to change banks oh well

brad: slannesh, all nork is hard coded, so thats not an excuse. haha just not easy

WabbitMonster: heck do like i do just go out and get a prepaid creadit card.

brad: sirrichard, banks charge both

nijal: I have a terminal i could make you a great deal on that doesnt charge you *wink

brad: i didn tknow you didnt know that ( smile )

pepma: oh yeah, brad do you just dislike Martial artists?

brandanpad: :::recommends Brad take a one week trip to Hawaii for a much needed vacation ::: :)

Slannesh: maybe make a npc that starts a new quest after original one is complete?

flisk: and take me too?

brad: trashing MAs = randys idea

Tootall78: I think there should be a "Jimney Cricket" quest/enchantment for lets say entry to lair or scenerio...where a large player becomes a transparent helper to a lvl 1-10 player to help them understand the game better or something like that..and use a security

WabbitMonster: cost me 5 bucks to put 100 on a prepay credit card then can just use it for drak till i have to put more money on it.

Darge: randys spirit lives on in brad :P

pepma: but you still use that idea? :P

Tootall78: guards punch clock for the timer..

Darge: hey flisk

DameonReaper: how do you know if there are any quests?

DameonReaper: is there a list or something?

DameonReaper: Test?

flisk: Here is a little sneak of what I'm planning for Aleria, I want to put in place some areas where fighting will not be the main goal

Darge: when will we see a new News article

Tootall78: and only the "charge" of mr cricket can punch the time..

DameonReaper: dang computer

brad: brad do you just hate {any_class_not_mine} or what?

freddie: Brad can you somehow punish tigger2 for not being here? I was looking forward to picking on her

UnicornLady: a place to relax without a rd sneeking up on you flisk??

Darge: everyone knows brad hates merchants jeez

pepma: i killed her earlier for you freddie :)

Tootall78: with all the decention going on among guilds and players..??

WabbitMonster: yeah where was tigger?

flisk: instead you will need to interact with the NPCs and have class specific quests; and possibly race specific quests

pepma: i made sure she died

Darge: race specific quests~

Darge: uber

Zhouyu: Ooo! Spiffy!Race specific?

SirRichard: hey i cant pay so give me my dwarven smithmage lol

Crusher: Will there ever be a megalair named after me

stench: sounds great flisk

blondie79: lol

Zhouyu: Now THAT would be awesome. When will we get a dwarven short sword? ;)

Darge: they yell racist remarks at me enough, i might as well get somethin out of me

WabbitMonster: race specific? so you get 3 or 4 crits and the first to complete it wins the race?

Brenem: ohh, and I want more mt locations per server :)

flisk: for example, for an underground dweller you may have to visit the town deep within the mountain to locate your quest

Zhouyu: Crush, you want people to try and kill you?

Zhouyu: ...OK!

PieterPost: i'd love to see you try zhou

pepma: what if you do your race quest, and fate to a different race?

Darge: youll never touch him zhou

gasthrax: well.. before i go i gotta get my word in (make a pk arena if you cant make an alt 3!) :P

Darge: so where is this sneak peak flisk?

flisk: i just said it haha

WabbitMonster: he is saying it darge..

Darge: bah

flisk: "sneak read"

UnicornLady: yeah an arena would be nice..

WabbitMonster: flisk: for example, for an underground dweller you may have to visit the town deep within the mountain to locate your quest

Darge: visuals are more helpful

UnicornLady: sneek you peekin?? :O

Darge: i mena, crusher is a barb

Darge: hes illiterate

Crusher: what?

gasthrax: drakkar is about the only online game that doesnt have any pvp allowed in it, would be a nice addition imo

Zhouyu: How about give underground dwellers some lore to go along with their race, and then have the quest based on that

pepma: arena is hard.. because ments would need to be nerfed, or put in some way to resist their tiers

UnicornLady: urm... ive seen plenty of pvp killing where ya been.

flisk: yes, lore to the classes and races I'd love to delve into

Zhouyu: IE "Jurjal's tunic" would be an armor item for UGDs based on some kind of story

gasthrax: dont be seen <G>

Zhouyu: About Jurjal

gasthrax: or kill invis :P

DameonReaper: yeah people were killing in the casino

WabbitMonster: if they put in a PVP please put it somewhere you have to go into it like a building or something and you know thats what your getting into not just sitting in sf and pow your dead

SiLeNcEdSoUl: Brad wait up

SiLeNcEdSoUl: Will there ever be a channel on here were we can all talk in person or a few?

pepma: i killed a sysop in jail earlier

Zhouyu: Ooo! I forgot to ask if people will get to get exp from casino again...

SiLeNcEdSoUl: like through mikes?

tirith: dont nerf the ments

UnicornLady: lmao pepma

pepma: he said no silenced. there is enough free programs that allow that

UnicornLady: well the healers are nerfed.. why not the ments.

brad: even free servers

SirRichard: here is good quest have to get specific items to combine to create various weapon either new or old so individuals can "create" weapons rather than have to group to get

pepma: not really nerf them, but if you are gonna have a type of PVP, put in a way to resist their tiers

WabbitMonster: just do like i do to use voice go to yahoo and then go into the Kingdom of Drakkar online chat room in the games section

pepma: afterall, attacks can be blocked/absorbed / stuff

WabbitMonster: we use voice in there.

UnicornLady: omg what does a wabbit monsters sound like:O

stench: i personally like surprizes exspesially challenging ones

Darge: heh

WabbitMonster: come listen to me unicorn i am there now with grimone

Darge: if we have pvp, nerf the ma's first

UnicornLady: i dont have yahoo..

gasthrax: well id nothing better accomplished by a pvp arena, you would see less "pk sprees"

crazymonkeyman2: i pile of doggy poo thats wat a wabbitmonster sounds like

gasthrax: if*

WabbitMonster: then download it its free

WabbitMonster: <G>

DameonReaper: I was was quiet

UnicornLady: omg... why MAs?

WabbitMonster: you didnt have ears dameon

pepma: what you mean nerf the MA's

DameonReaper: I did?

brako: who's crit name is ust?

DameonReaper: I have ears or did I just didn't use the voice

Darge: so they dont fricking hit you 12 times -.-

pepma: its only 7...

gasthrax: haste :P

WabbitMonster: oh well grim and i was talking discussing the stuff being said in the dz

Darge: meh, thinking rb'

pepma: and you can block it... :(

Slannesh: <attack pepma> pepma dodges your attack. repeat this 1000000 times...

Darge: either way, i dont wanna feel your dragon strike pepma

pepma: but i want you too

Darge: lol

WabbitMonster: lol

whirly: I like the thought of maybe a random stat given out every month past 12 months gold

WabbitMonster: yeah that would be kool whirly

stench: well as i said ty for your time gave me some idea of future possabilities and bugs that are to be worked on HH and gl all

WabbitMonster: but i gotta wait another 5 months maybe it will be implimented by then.

gasthrax: drakkar hasnt been known to just "give" anything

UnicornLady: aww noone whats to play with pepma:(....<i will> <veg>

whirly: I'm trying to come up with ideas for things past 12 months gold instead of just having the skill bonus

Darge: id play with you pep

Darge: if i was more sure you couldnt hit through my parry >.>

whirly: Pepma I'll come play with you :)

WabbitMonster: yeah that would be kool log into your game and poof you now feel pretty is in the scroll, and your chrisma is now a 20

pepma: come to jil darge :P

Darge: lol, alright, one sec

UnicornLady: are you in jail?

WabbitMonster: but i would see it as only a random stat to 1 slot crit

Darge: lemme put every concievable thing i have that gives me good adds on

pepma: odd, logged in and had a blue fullplate, did i get that when i killed tigger?

Darge: prolly

WabbitMonster: wtg pep.

Kiri128: and ya can't even use it<G>

UnicornLady: naw think you get strips from killing tigger..

flisk: if you want to see a copy of the Conference Chat Log visit:

flisk: ... p?TID=5260

UnicornLady: stripes...

Darge: omw pep

Gr8Juggalo: Sweet

Gr8Juggalo: I lost me comp for a min and lost allll the chat

schweaty2: Dude!

Gr8Juggalo: ty for copying flisk

Gr8Juggalo: sup schweaty...?

schweaty2: What does my tatoo say?

Gr8Juggalo: sweet

Gr8Juggalo: what does mine say..?

schweaty2: Dude!

DeathSlicer: lol

Gr8Juggalo: No what does mine say....?

schweaty2: *Waits for two people to start the scary move version.*

schweaty2: DUDE!

Gr8Juggalo: LMAO

schweaty2: What does mine say!

Gr8Juggalo: SWEET!

UnicornLady: brad ... still think a unicorn lair.. where you get good things .. not killed would be grand...:)

Darge: wewt

Darge: armor block

Gr8Juggalo: I knew you wouldn't miss this

schweaty2: Ray....

pepma: lol i woulda had you CC'd :(

Darge: i didnt restore

Darge: im on blackhawks hex

pepma: well where are ya

pepma: did i take you up there?

Darge: put the leif down!

UnicornLady: you dont know?

gasthrax: lol.

Darge: well

Darge: you hit me 3 times

Darge: first hit one shotted :/

pepma: and you died to the first one

Darge: other 2 tenderized me

UnicornLady: brad............. once a month .. is really not too often... :).. for a group chat like this.. that is.

Darge: i wonder if i can hit you tho pep

pepma: let me reset defense

UnicornLady: darge bbq this weekend.. tender :D

Darge: :P

Darge: uh oh

Darge: bandit lord in jils hut hehe

UnicornLady: rd bbq.. to be announced soon... arg.. hate rd..

Darge: w00t

Darge: im uber

UnicornLady: :|

pepma: yay

Darge: wow

Darge: i hit you with max

UnicornLady: dillusions of grandier..

Darge: ma def is the pits :/

Darge: thx :/

cyclone: brad you still talking?

pepma: lol, how many hit points do you have?

UnicornLady: you kill him darge??

Darge: nah

Darge: i landed a mediocre tho

UnicornLady: well then:O

Darge: like 730 pep

pepma: that was a regular punc

pepma: oh okay

Slannesh: Pepma dodges your attack...etc etc etc

flisk: thanks again all for showing up! the commands brad put in place worked very well; I'm definatly comfortable doing this again when it is so desired.

UnicornLady: i cant even hit a chython...... doubt i can hit pepma

wolfinstein: i yhought this was a thing were flisk and brad answerd things

whirly: lol

flisk: Take care and happy hunting!

pepma: i'm easy to hit,

pepma: even darge can hit me

UnicornLady: let me check my calendar flisk;)

Darge: lol pep

UnicornLady: lmao .

Darge: im skill 29 now

Darge: i would be sad if i coudnt

brad: hey guys im gonna head back to channel 0

Slannesh: how many hps do you have major pooled pep?

UnicornLady: no no dont leave us

UnicornLady: oh.. ok

pepma: majorpool is weak, it doesn't add NL hits

pepma: post 50 hits

Slannesh: ok, so how many hps can you have maxxed out?

UnicornLady: bet hes on every channel ;)

pepma: only 3882 in nork majorpooled...

Fin: only lol

Slannesh: oh thats all?

UnicornLady: only.....

pepma: 2983 HP geared.. 3083 if i use helm effect

pepma: yes only

Slannesh: sheesh, even if i prone a bs you still live

Darge: wtc

Darge: so i did like 700 dmg to you


Darge: for that mediocre

Gr8Juggalo: LOL

pepma: probably

UnicornLady: theres a normal channel omg...

Darge: wow

Darge: i hit sorta decent

UnicornLady: lmao ..

UnicornLady: cmere pepma i wanna hit ya :P

pepma: nmake that 3183 HP, if i use my helm

Darge: bah SoN is lame

pepma: in alt 2 portals, come have fun (try not to kill me tho)

Darge: watch tigger show up ;)

pepma: lol

UnicornLady: alt two portals new pepma lair... any good treasure??

pepma: not a lair, and no treasure

tirith: 1500 with helm!

tirith: now ajam cant kill me

UnicornLady: can a peanut butter??

Darge: lol tirith

UnicornLady: tirth sucums to reeses...

Darge: succumbs*

UnicornLady: oh that too ... hehehe

crazymonkeyman2: hey how ever is helping get the gear form levi plz pm me i'm katala

Papabear: 3183 is good for lairs but PVP no one has enough HP's or def against a kill weapon

Papabear: haha

pepma: ment tiers are what you have to worry about, not melee in PVP

DameonReaper: how do you know if items are tied without having to try them on

tirith: yeah you still have to worry about melee

Papabear: yeah

Papabear: with a pally doing 7k+ damage per max

Papabear: at least

pepma: never had a pally hit me that hard, with a maxxed out killer

Papabear: where are ya pep

Papabear: i'll try

pepma: i'll goto Nameless healer

Papabear: k

Papabear: se town ?

pepma: ya

pepma: 1677

pepma: that was a good one hehe

Papabear: 1 hnit was blocked

pepma: aye i saw

pepma: either way, all classes would need nerfed for PVP

pepma: they all can hit to hard

pepma: cept FM's hehe

Papabear: i took a barb to cob with full nork gear and fully zerked

Papabear: he had just over 3500 hp's

Papabear: i was in nork gear and 1 shotted him with first hit from max

DameonReaper: anyone have black gauntlets? I'll buy

chosenone: so what happened? anything usefull

Beasticles: blerg
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