Dv20 Install Error (Autoexec.nt)

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Dv20 Install Error (Autoexec.nt)

Post by Stormwind »

If you receive the following error while attempting to install the 24bit version of Drakvision onto your PC.

windows xp gets error on setup
16 bit windows subsystem
The system file not suitable for running MS-DOS and Micosoft windows application.

How to fix this:

Open My Computer
Open your C: Drive
Open the Windows Folder
Open the Repair Folder
Find the file called Autoexec.nt
Right Mouse button click on it and choose Copy.

Go back to My Computer
Open the C: Drive
Open the Windows Folder
Right Mouse button click on the System32 Folder and choose Paste.

Close all the open windows. Make sure you have downloaded the Dv20.exe file to a folder on your C: drive such as C:\Temp

Reboot your PC so that the new file will register properly.

You should now be able to successfully install the program.

Feel free to PM me in DZ (Civon) or IRC in #wolf is you have problems or questions.
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