Platinum Benefits

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Platinum Benefits

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All benefits of Platinum that I am aware of:

1) No more natural aging (i.e. you don’t age simply by being logged in.)

2) Higher exp gains.

3) Higher skill gains.

4) 30% lower costs from Hitos and Epos (after charisma bonuses.)

5) All 4 slots have Guildhall.

6) Access to Nameless 2 (which is normally 2x exp/ 2x skill/ 3x party abilities.)

7) You get a spontaneous quirk rate (randomly gained quirk points) that is applied once per guild hall subscription on the account (in this case 4 times) each round. (You still need to kill level appropriate enemies in order to gain quirks.)

The next Bonuses improve every month: (Benefits cap at 49 Months.)

8) All Benefits of Gold (Bonus HP/EP per month.)

9) An increase in the amount of coin you can store in your bank.

10) Faster Party ability gains (If other party members are also platinum, you get bonus party ability gains from that too.)

11) Slower Artificial Aging (Aging from disciplines and other abilities) per month. (2% slower artifical aging per month calculated AFTER Quirks.)

12) More HP and EP, A 1% bonus boost (as derived from your base value in these stats) per month subscribed plat. (Example: If you have 1000 base HP and have 10 months of plat, you get 100 more HP.)

13) Addional HP/EP bonuses are applied to Con/Int/Wis boosts (this only applies starting at lvl 51) (example: If you get 100 floating HP for every point of constitution and you have 10 months of platinum, you get 10 bonus HP per point of Con.)
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