Game Theory Question 11-01-2005

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Game Theory Question 11-01-2005

Post by Stormwind » Tue Nov 01, 2005 2:08 pm

Question of the day:

What do you think is better for the long term health of a game. Items which tie to the overall account or items which tie to a specific character (slot).

Think about it and post.


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Post by IronClad » Tue Nov 01, 2005 2:51 pm

I just have to say... crap oath :) I hate this question.

I have dealt with both. Drak ties to account... LoK ties to slot. And as much as I HATE to admit it, it should tie to the slot for long term health. My Drak thief, MA, barb, healer, ment (various were RR'ed) all gained advantages of gear at level 1 since most was gained before the level restriction crap. Hard for thief to get hit at 1/1 with Cob stats wearing 3 camos while steal/mugging in n-1 to skill 10.. no IH needed. I am fairly certain that except for ment finding Aleria rares burning, Iron equipped every minor slot himself even trading grubs for ep pots in Cob. Remember how hard it was to grow that primary? Would you ever RR it after the learning curve and grueling climb? But how easily we RR secondaries. Those sprouted like mushrooms. Don't get me wrong... I liked the easy growth since hard enough to grow primary. But for long term, much different.

Take LoK. Crystal gaunts, the best gaunts in game, from Shidosha can only be gotten by MA as only MA party or solo can enter. Even with a 2nd MA slot, can't use.. that MA must be present to grab it (ks not req'd) . Carfel and his lovely returning daggers... lair is thief only, again ties to slot. Trollking, I had to kill with thief throwing in dark (he's nightblind), log, then have knight run in to grab ammy that traded for hummer LS. What made it more tolerable was that all bracers, armor, rings, etc were non-tied. But good weapons tied on contact. Though if all gear tied, we'd all be fresh have to struggle per slot with at most having primary drop coin and nothing more.

Would be nice if average gear was non-tied and you could go someplace to tie (in LoK, crits stripped and grabbed all gear, since non-tied, you have to run back and kill all crits in area before someone else did). Hard to do naked if that zoo killed you while geared.
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Post by Xpectre » Fri Nov 11, 2005 10:51 am

I'm going to have to agree with Ironclad. As much as being able to transfer gear and items from character to character on the same account is convenient and saves time and trouble, I think it would better in the longrun if items and gear tied to the characters and couldn't be shared with other characters on the account. I have no other polearm users on my main account besides Anton. Anton has a +7 halberd for Nork, and a forged halberd for Cobrahn. Those are HIS items exclusively. I worked to get them, I earned them. Likewise, I have a 19/15 MA on that account. He has Juntes robes. They are HIS. Anton and Morrison can't use them. But if either of them needed a reggie cloak, I just take Anton somewhere, hide 1 or 2 of his reggies in a doorway somewhere, and have Morrison or Xpectre grab them. I've never taken Morrison or Xpectre on a Reggie hunt. I don't even know if they would survive. But the fact remains, I didn't have to put forth the effort to win that gear for them. They can just use what I've won with Anton. I am a firm believer in hard work and actually earning what you get.

Ironclad is also right in that rerolling wouldn't be as common if you couldn't transfer gear and items. You work your ass off on the main character on your account, and then he/she becomes a nursing sow for the others. I hate to say it, but the more Brad, Soyer, Mars, and who ever else give in to the whiners and cry-babies who are constantly e-mailing them and complaining that 'this game is too hard,' and similar comments, the worse KoD gets, and the more of us they're going to lose to other games. Slots over accounts.

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